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Blu-ray's found: 1888

Title Date UPC
NetherlandsUnderdog: 1st Edition13-08-20088717418163754
United KingdomCon Air: 1st Edition02-07-20078717418126773
NetherlandsWall•E: 1st Edition19-11-20088717418199456
NetherlandsThe Sixth Sense: 1st Edition06-08-20088717418158910
NetherlandsDéjà Vu: 1st Edition13-06-20078717418126414
NetherlandsThere Will Be Blood: 1st Edition10-09-20088717418158941
AustraliaStarship Troopers: 1st Edition02-10-20079398580025072
NetherlandsGone Baby Gone: 1st Edition10-09-20088717418158934
NetherlandsThe Game Plan: 1st Edition10-12-20088717418178031
NetherlandsBruce Almighty: 1st Edition28-11-20078717418140939
NetherlandsKing Arthur: 1st Edition06-04-20078717418120856
NetherlandsThe Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: 1st Edition06-04-20078717418117672
NetherlandsFlightplan: 1st Edition06-04-20078717418117658
NetherlandsCrimson Tide: 1st Edition28-11-20078717418141547
NetherlandsThe Nightmare Before Christmas: 1st Edition05-11-20088717418177263
NetherlandsStarsky & Hutch: 1st Edition26-03-20088717418152765
NetherlandsCinderella Man: 1st Edition28-11-20078717418147716
NetherlandsFace/Off: 1st Edition28-11-20088717418148126
NetherlandsPearl Harbor: 1st Edition06-04-20078717418117689
NetherlandsShall We Dance?: 1st Edition10-09-20088717418173869
NetherlandsHollywoodland: 1st Edition12-09-20078717418127374
NetherlandsScary Movie 4: 1st Edition16-09-20088717418117696
United KingdomThe Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian: 1st Edition17-11-20088717418181888
United KingdomThe Nightmare Before Christmas: 1st Edition06-10-20088717418177096
United KingdomTinker Bell: 1st Edition10-11-20088717418178086
NetherlandsWild Hogs: 1st Edition12-12-20078717418147327
NetherlandsThe Seven Of Daran: The Battle Of Pareo Rock: 1st Edition11-02-20098717418200091
NetherlandsSpace Buddies: 1st Edition11-02-20098717418199500
NetherlandsThe Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian: 1st Edition10-12-20088717418187651
Japanドリームス オブ 東京ディズニーリゾート25th アニバーサリーイヤー マジッ: 1st Edition03-04-2009T4959241710635
NetherlandsPinocchio: Deluxe Edition: 1st Edition04-03-20098717418202835
NetherlandsDie Hard: With a Vengeance: 1st Edition18-03-20098717418201722
United StatesPinocchio: 70th Anniversary: 1st Edition10-03-2009786936785951
United KingdomHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year: 1st Edition16-02-20098717418198213
NetherlandsPretty Woman: 1st Edition08-04-20098717418201418
NetherlandsHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year: 1st Edition29-04-20098717418207816
GermanyDas Comeback: 1st Edition25-10-20078717418129095
United StatesBedtime Stories: 1st Edition05-04-2009786936773408
CanadaThe Wild: 1st Edition21-11-2006
CanadaInvincible: 1st Edition05-12-2006
CanadaChicken Little: 1st Edition20-03-2007
CanadaPirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl: 1st Edition22-05-2007
CanadaPirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: 1st Edition22-05-2007
CanadaBridge To Terabithia: 1st Edition19-06-2007
United StatesThe Greatest Game Ever Played: 1st Edition16-06-2009786936771374
CanadaRoving Mars: 1st Edition31-07-2007786936725490
NetherlandsBolt: 1st Edition27-05-20098717418210533
CanadaSpace Buddies: 1st Edition03-02-2009786936785623
United StatesMiracle: 1st Edition16-06-2009786936761184
Japanウォーリー: 1st Edition22-04-2009