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Title Year UPC
NetherlandsDe Klokkenluider Van De Notre Dame00-00-00003418152603920
NetherlandsAladdin - Het Verhaal En Muziek Uit De Film00-00-0000
- Unknown -Timon & Pumbaa - Stand By Me00-00-00003418150253110
- Unknown -Timon & Pumbaa - Stand By Me00-00-0000
NetherlandsThe Lion King - Het Nederlandse Cast Album + DVD00-00-00000602498695401
- Unknown -The Lizzie McGuire Movie00-00-00009397603 375026
BelgiumDe Klokkenluider Van De Notre Dame00-00-00003418150102029
- Unknown -To Infinity And Beyond!00-00-0000
United StatesFreaky Friday00-00-0000720616240422
NetherlandsFreaky Friday00-00-00000094635798326
United StatesDisney's Instrumental Impressions00-00-0000
NetherlandsThe Lion King: Promo CD Single00-00-00000602498764901
United StatesDisneyland Park: The Official Album00-00-0000050086004775
NetherlandsOliver & Company00-00-0000
United StatesThose Calloways05-03-2013
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Fantasia13-01-2015050087312046
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Pinocchio10-02-2015050087312008
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Lady And The Tramp28-04-2015050087312022
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Cinderella23-06-2015050087312015
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Disneyland20-05-2015050087320119
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Toy Story10-07-2015050087312053
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Pocahontas28-08-2015050087312039
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Aristocats21-08-2015050087312060
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty07-10-2014050087310899
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Mary Poppins25-08-2014050087308988
United StatesThe Happiest Millionaire00-00-000050999214610028
United StatesThe Last Flight Of Noah's Ark20-08-2012
United StatesCondorman14-11-2012720258521927
United StatesDragonslayer00-00-0000826924112823
United StatesThe Black Cauldron00-00-0000
- Unknown -Return To Oz00-00-0000094659300123
United StatesThe Journey Of Natty Gann00-00-0000
United StatesThe Black Cauldron03-04-2012050087279097
- Unknown -A Family Christmas00-00-00005017310946923
JapanTotally Minnie00-00-00004988013207837
- Unknown -Return To Snowy River00-00-0000030206745122
- Unknown -Who Framed Roger Rabbit00-00-00005099746305925
- Unknown -The Little Mermaid00-00-00005017310245125
- Unknown -The Little Mermaid00-00-00003418153600522
- Unknown -A Disney Spectacular00-00-0000089408019623
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid24-11-2014050087311971
- Unknown -Dick Tracy00-00-0000075992626422
- Unknown -The Jungle Book - 1e Editie00-00-00003418153600621
- Unknown -I'm Breathless - Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy00-00-000007599262092
- Unknown -Dick Tracy - Selections From The Film (c)00-00-00007599262792
United KingdomThe Jungle Book00-00-0000
NetherlandsDe Kleine Zeemeermin00-00-00008712155004810
GermanyArielle Die Meerjungfrau00-00-0000042284764223
- Unknown -Beauty And The Beast00-00-00003229261093621
United StatesShipwrecked00-00-0000050086061426