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Title Year UPC
United StatesThe Black Cauldron03-04-2012050087279097
United StatesThe Last Flight Of Noah's Ark20-08-2012
United StatesCondorman14-11-2012720258521927
United StatesHocus Pocus00-00-0000
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Lion King24-06-2014050087308971
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid24-11-2014050087311971
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Lady And The Tramp28-04-2015050087312022
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Cinderella23-06-2015050087312015
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Disneyland20-05-2015050087320119
United StatesHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey03-08-2015
United StatesBaby: Secret Of The Lost Legend00-00-0000
JapanThe Lion King II: Simba's Pride00-00-00004988064120079
United KingdomWalt Disney: Sleeping Beauty00-00-0000509926431123
- Unknown -The Very Best Of Disney00-00-0000
United StatesThe Journey Of Natty Gann00-00-0000
United StatesAlice In Wonderland00-00-00005099962854429
United StatesBolt00-00-00005099926640600
United StatesA Bugs Life,00-00-0000094637110621
United StatesEnchanted00-00-00005099951410629
United StatesGnome & Juliet00-00-00005099909463523
United StatesA Goofy Movie00-00-00005099950772629
United StatesThe Happiest Millionaire00-00-000050999214610028
United StatesHercules 00-00-0000
United StatesA Kid In King Arthur's Court00-00-0000050086088577
United StatesPrincess And The Frog00-00-00005099945674921
United StatesRatatouille 00-00-0000094639719624
United StatesReturn To Neverland 00-00-0000809274466020
United StatesThe Shaggy Dog00-00-000009463580482
JapanLegend Of Mythica00-00-0000
United StatesNational Treasure00-00-0000094638583523
United StatesPrince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time00-00-00005099964016825
- Unknown -Tangled00-00-00005099991924322
United StatesThe Three Musketeers00-00-0000731454019026
United StatesTinkerBell 00-00-0000050087125806
United StatesTron Legacy00-00-00000050087160555
United StatesWALL·E00-00-00005099922823526
United StatesSquanto: A Warrior's Tale00-00-0000
NetherlandsBest Of The Lion King00-00-00005099973157021
NetherlandsNow That's What I Call Disney27-01-20125099967854622
United StatesWhite Fang20-03-2012
United StatesOz: The Great And Powerful05-03-2013
United StatesThose Calloways05-03-2013
FranceThe Best Of Disneyland Paris00-00-0000
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Mary Poppins25-08-2014050087308988
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty07-10-2014050087310899
NetherlandsDisney\'s Grootste Hits31-10-20140050087317287
BelgiumDisney\'s Grootste Hits10-11-20140050087315672
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Fantasia13-01-2015050087312046