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Title Year UPC
- Unknown -Return To Snowy River00-00-0000030206745122
United StatesNight Crossing - Limited Edition00-00-0000720258500427
NetherlandsDe Leeuwekoning00-00-00008711875900037
- Unknown -Rhythm Of The Pride Lands00-00-00005017310247921
- Unknown -The Little Mermaid00-00-00003418153600522
CanadaThe Hunchback Of Notre Dame00-00-0000050086089376
United StatesThe Black Cauldron00-00-0000
- Unknown -Hocus Pocus00-00-0000
- Unknown -The Princes Diaries (The Score)00-00-0000050086074570
- Unknown -The Parent Trap (The Score)00-00-0000720616217325
- Unknown -A Disney Spectacular00-00-0000089408019623
NetherlandsDe Magie Van Disney00-00-00005050467330856
NetherlandsThe Jungle Book 200-00-00005050466351623
United StatesShipwrecked00-00-0000050086061426
- Unknown -That Darn Cat00-00-0000050086086979
United StatesFlight Of The Navigator00-00-0000
- Unknown -The Aristocats00-00-00005017310247327
- Unknown -Mary Poppins00-00-0000809274446220
- Unknown -The Jungle Book - 2e Editie00-00-0000050086095070
- Unknown -Pete's Dragon00-00-0000050086076079
- Unknown -Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas00-00-00005017310247822
- Unknown -Who Framed Roger Rabbit00-00-0000050086076277
United StatesNewsies00-00-0000050086070770
United StatesFantasia00-00-0000050086000777
United StatesKim Possible00-00-0000050086009770
United StatesThe Lion King - The Musical00-00-00004029758045527
- Unknown -The Magic Of Disney - 20 Superstar Hits00-00-0000809274525410
- Unknown -101 Dalmatians00-00-00003418153604629
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: Special Edition00-00-0000050086074372
- Unknown -The Many Songs Of Winnie The Pooh00-00-0000809274436023
NetherlandsDe Klokkenluider Van De Notre Dame00-00-00003418152603920
NetherlandsOp Zoek Naar Nemo - Disney's Vertelverhaal00-00-00005050467084025
- Unknown -Dick Tracy00-00-0000075992626422
BelgiumToy Story00-00-00005050466054623
NetherlandsHet Verhaal Van Belle En Het Beest En Muziek Uit De Film00-00-0000
United KingdomThe Jungle Book 2 And Other Classic Disney Songs00-00-0000
- Unknown -The Jungle Book Groove00-00-00008712944082166
- Unknown -Peter Pan00-00-00005017310246627
United KingdomLion King And Friends00-00-0000
- Unknown -Pocahontas: Colors Of The Wind00-00-00003418150252410
NetherlandsBambi (Liedjes Uit De Film)00-00-00003418150253615
- Unknown -The Jungle Book - 1e Editie00-00-00003418153600621
- Unknown -The Aristocats00-00-00003418153601222
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: A New Musical00-00-00004029758004821
- Unknown -The Lion King Collection00-00-00004029758025321
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest - Een Betoverende Kerst00-00-00003418152607126
NetherlandsDe Beste Liedjes Van Disney's Winnie De Poeh00-00-00003418152356222