Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty / Bruce Almighty
Title: Bruce Almighty
Original Title: Bruce Almighty
Edition: 1st Edition
Country: United States United States
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 12-06-2007
Year: 2003
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Video: 1080p / 480i / 480o
Length: 102 Minutes
Packaging: HD DVD red keepcase with side snaps
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, Français
Chapters: 20
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, Français
Distribution: Universal
ISBN: None
UPC: 025195009751
Catalog Number: 61101164
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Average: 7.00 (Votes: 1)
Comic genius Jim Carrey stars with Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman in the entertaining comedy hit of the year that critics are applauding as a "laugh a minute" (Jim Ferguson, FOX-TV). Bruce Nolan (Carrey) is a TV reporter who believes the entire universe is stacked against him. In a life-altering encounter, the Big Guy Upstairs (Freeman) endows Bruce with all of His divine powers and challenges Bruce to take on the big job to see if he can do it any better. Bruce Almighty is the wildly funny comedy featuring "Jim Carrey at his best" (Leonard Maltin, Hot Ticket).
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Bruce Nolan - Jim Carrey
God - Morgan Freeman
Grace Connelly - Jennifer Aniston
Jack Baylor - Philip Baker Hall
Susan Ortega - Catherine Bell
Debbie - Lisa Ann Walter
Evan Baxter - Steve Carell
Ally Loman - Nora Dunn
Bobby - Eddie Jemison
Dallas Coleman - Paul Satterfield
Fred Donohue - Mark Kiely
Anita - Sally Kirkland
Himself - Tony Bennett
Bruce's Cameraman - Timothy Di Pri
Bruce's Soundman - Brian Tahash
• Feature Commentary with Director Tom Shadyac
• Deleted Scens with Commentary
• Outtakes
• The Process of Jim
• Theatrical Trailer
1. Buffalo's Biggest Cookie
2. This Is my Luck
3. The Anti-Bruce Barrier
4. Bruce's Breakdown
5. Fired
6. Paging Mr. Nolan
7. The man In Room 7
8. Bruce Almighty
9. A Night To Remember
10. Mr. Exclusive
11. Bruce's Revenge
12. We Got Anchor
13. A Bunch Of Winners
14. Falling From Grace
15. Out Of Control
16. Being The Miracle
17. Grace's Prayer
18. The Divine Spark
19. The New Bruce
20. End Titles