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Title Reference
JapanSong Of The SouthVHP78152
JapanMary PoppinsVHP49173/4
Japan20,000 Leagues Under The SeaVHP49175/6
JapanPete's DragonVHP49199/0
JapanMilestones For MickeyVHP58021
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Mickey MouseVHP58022
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Minnie MouseVHP58023
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Donald DuckVHP58024
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Daisy DuckVHP58025
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Fabulous 50'sVHP58027
JapanLimited Gold Edition: Silly SymphoniesVHP58028
JapanLimited Gold Edition: PlutoVHP58029
JapanThe Many Adventures Of Winnie The PoohVHP78153
JapanCartoon Festival: Volume 1VHP78155
JapanFun And Fancy FreeVHP78156
JapanJungle CatVHP78157
JapanCartoon Festival: Volume 2VHP78162
JapanThe Three CaballerosVHP78163
JapanThe Academy Award Review Of Walt Disney CartoonsVHP78168
JapanSecrets Of LifeVHP78169
JapanCartoon Festival: Volume 3VHP78170
JapanDonald Duck Goes WestVHP78176
JapanThe Incredible JourneyVHP78177
JapanTreasure IslandVHP78180
JapanThe Hunting InstinctVHP78181
JapanThe African LionVHP78182
JapanNever Cry WolfVHP78188
JapanThe Living DesertVHP78192
JapanMake Mine MusicVHP78193
JapanHerbie Goes To Monte CarloVHP78194
JapanWhite WildernessVHP78196
JapanThat Darn CatVHP78197
JapanWinnie The Pooh And A Day For Eeyore And Other StoriesVHP78212
JapanSport GoofyVHP78225
JapanScary TalesVHP78230
JapanBehind The Scenes At Walt Disney StudioVHP78242
JapanThe Adventures Of Chip 'N' DaleVHP78257
JapanBaby, Secret Of The Lost LegendVHP78265
JapanMelody TimeVHP78268
JapanAlice In WonderlandVHP88002
JapanThe Black HoleVHP88004
JapanPeter PanVHP88005
JapanReturn To OzVHP88008
JapanMovie Special DiscS10-1008